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If you take your business to market asking too much, you alienate your best prospects. Price it too low and you risk leaving money on the table. That’s where having a competent professional broker, intimately familiar with your business…

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The Evolution Business Selling System enables buyers to understand and appreciate the underlying value of your business helping them picture what they could do with it to create their own unique value. Sharing your carefully crafted story through targeted media attracts only qualified buyers…

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The ultimate test of value for your business can be found in a simple question: Would someone want to buy your company?

The Sellability Score is an interactive tool offering a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business…

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The day you sell your business and take that certified check to the bank can be one of the most rewarding days of your life – in so many ways, including financially.

And yet, the road leading up to that day can be full of potholes, hidden turns and dead ends – challenging, even for the most grizzled entrepreneurial veteran.

We founded Evolution Advisors out of our own experience selling several businesses that we’ve owned. The story of one that we built and sold together had a particularly happy ending – selling at a price well above the market average – due in large part to our experience marketing and selling a variety of businesses before then.

What we noticed was that the whole business of selling a business was fraught with pitfalls. That sellers are caught in a dilemma; Selling a business is the complete opposite of selling a house. In real estate, the more people you tell, the better your chance of finding a buyer at your asking price or higher. Selling a small business is the complete opposite.

With competitors happy to pounce and pronounce you’re “going out of business” and employees unhappy about an uncertain future with a new boss, leaking information that you’re selling can sink the ship. It’s no wonder that, according to a recent article in Inc. Magazine, “60 percent of business owners who try to sell a business can’t get the deal done.”

Unfortunately, the average for business brokers on the whole is just as dismal. Having invested in and sold several small businesses, we realized there really is a better way, as we discovered selling our own business at top dollar in a challenging market. Our company, Evolution Advisors was founded on this basis and is dedicated to turning the odds in selling a business in your favor. We provide a full range of professional services to anyone considering selling or buying a business, including valuation, exit strategies and financing as well as all the tools, resources and experience you need to sell your business at the best possible price.

Where Evolution Advisors stands out from most business brokers is, we go beyond taking your financials, listing your business and hoping for the best. We take the time to learn everything we can about your business. A good test of a really dedicated professional business broker is how many questions they ask to help you uncover hidden gold mines in your business. We believe you will find our keen interest in your business and ability to identify hidden opportunities that add to its value unmatched in our industry.

Once we’ve identified all the strong points of your business and helped you shore up any weak ones, we then present the uniqueness and opportunity your business presents to our private database of 1000 of  contacts in targeted areas.

Our proprietary marketing system then attracts multiple buyers uniquely qualified to buy your business. We take calls, qualify and assist prospective buyers with the financial, informational and other resources they need to purchase your business.

Your Expertise is in Managing Your Business: Ours is in Selling it.

Our clients  work only with experienced Advisors who truly understand the position you are in… because we have owned, managed, and sold our own businesses. In order to give your business the professional attention it deserves, we limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. This assures you of receiving our undivided attention from the beginning of our journey together, through to the successful sale of your business and beyond.

Our Unique Business Marketing System includes:

●      Preparing a Valuation of your business

●      Creating a professional Confidential Business Review describing the unique value of your business

●      Developing and implementing a Custom Marketing Plan for the sale your business

●      Screening and fielding questions from potential buyers

●      Introducing buyers to financing options

●      Negotiations and Deal Structuring

●      Due Diligence and handling all of the many transactional details

We encourage you to visit the many informative areas of this website, where you’ll learn more about selling your business. We also welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about Evolution Advisors, how we work, what we can do for you, and the value we provide. Please join us for a confidential discussion about your situation so we can answer questions you may have, and help you reach your financial and other objectives in selling your business.

I guarantee you will find our conversation informative, regardless of whether you employ our services.

Call Evolution today at 916.993.5433 and discover the options you have to sell your business for the highest value possible.

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